Necklace length 19".


This adornments is hand crafted in love, cleansed energetically, anointed with essential oils and activated with a sound bath. We do this to raise the vibrational resonance of the crystals to amplify the sound minded intentions on the behalf of adorned. This purchase is accompanied with a card providing the affirmation and description of this adornment.


Affirmation : " I release harbored negative emotions as I reinforce the expression of positive emotions, resulting in the renewed experience of Inner Peace. " 


*Blue Lace Agate(light blue) Enhance Communication, Emotional Clarity, Increase Confidence, *Moonstone(white) Transform Negativity, Emotional Balance, Inner Peace, *Hematite(gold) Mental Balance, Physically Grounding, Aid Manefiestation



Sacred Waters Necklace



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