Earrings are sold three to a pair, this is due to the common experience of women losing just one of their favorite earrings.


These are your/their newest favorite pair, gaurenteed and you're are more than welcome. These adornments are hand crafted in love, cleansed energetically, anointed with essential oils and activated with a therapeutic sound bath. We do this to raise the vibrational resonance of the crystals to amplify the sound minded intentions on behalf of the adorned. This purchase is accompanied with a card providing the affirmation and description of this set.


Affirmation : “ I claim Sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth and fullest creative expression and abundance. ”

*Lapis Lazuli(blue) Inner Vision, Royal Virtues

*Citrine(gold) Mental Clarity, Will Power

*Hematite(gold) Grounding, Manifestation


    Inner Vision Earrings