This adornment is called the “Heart of Gold” due to its inspiration to align with the regenerative calibration of the heart to one that permeates all of creation with Divine Love.


Citrine(clear) aids one’s mental clarity and creativity, assisting in acquiring and perpetuating the stages of wealth, in addition to bringing out one’s generosity so that the prosperity and success are shared.


Malachite (green) sourced locally in the Congo is a “stone of transformation”, which soothes emotional blockages & opens the heart to new experiences. It’s a reminder that progress isn't measured in material riches but with spiritual treasures found deep within the heart.


Heart of Gold Bracelet

SKU: 21354654
  • This adornment is adjustable and the beads used are 10mm in size. The decorative bead is handmade and embedded with chips of Turquoise, which aids in the projection of ones highest truth and Red Coral, which aids in stabilizing during emotionally turbulent times.


     Our adornments are handmade, energetically cleansed, anointed with oils, blessed with a Hebrew prayer of protection in Hebrew(Numbers 10:35) and activated with sound vibration to amplify the eminence of harmonious frequencies.

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