Earrings are sold three to a pair, due to the common experience of losing one of the pair of earrings. These are guaranteed to be a new favorite.
These adornments are hand crafted in love, cleansed energetically, anointed with essential oils and activated with a therapeutic sound bath. We do this to raise the vibrational resonance of the crystals to amplify the sound minded intentions on behalf of the adorned. This purchase is accompanied with a card providing the affirmation and description of this set. 

“I am calibrated to protect and manage all that has been given to me. My cup runs over with joy and love. ”
*Agate(brown) Harmony, Healing  *Labradorite(grey) Control Coincidence, Synergy *Hematite(gold) Grounding, Manifestation

Balancing Magician Earrings